International Society of Knowledge Creation


International Society of Knowledge Creation (iSKc) provides two kinds of membership.

  • Executive Membership
  • Regular Membership

Executive Membership is Executive Committee of iSKc. It consists of President, Vice-President, Advisory Board, and Expert Members of iSKc. The executive committee of iSKc is selected by the members of the society in the annual meeting. During this period, Executive Committee handles all official activities of the Society. The Executive Membership has 2 year membership. Any prominent scholars may have Executive Membership with consideration from Executive Committee of iSKc.

Regular Membership is reseachers (students included) interested and involved in iSKc's activities. Reseachers participated in iSKc's events, is automatically offered to have Regular Membership of iSKc for one year.

Benefits of Membership

  • No fee membership
  • Free membership card
  • Discount on any iSKc's events